Bandla Ganesh’s Master Plan for Temper

NTR’s upcoming film Temper is making so much noise for the past two days with leaked pictures and officially released first look posters. Fans are going berserk looking at NTR in a brand new avatar. The film’s hype has suddenly gone up and Temper turned out to be one of the most awaited movies of the season. Until few days ago, Temper was not considered hot for obvious reasons. 
NTR’s poor form coupled with Puri’s recent track record didn’t let Temper to grab the attention of film buffs. NTR and Puri have teamed up in the past for Andhrawala which was a monstrous disaster at the box office. Producer Bandla Ganesh is aware of the low expectations and buzz around the film and didn’t try to sell the film till now. He knew that buyers would not come up with fancy offers to bag this film. So he waited until the film made some noise. 
He is not talking to business circles yet. He is waiting for the trailer to come out before he starts selling the film. Trailer of Temper is going to multiply the current hype as per sources. Ganesh is waiting for the hype to reach the pinnacles before talking business. Bandla Ganesh is relatively new to production, but he certainly mastered the tricks of trade and knows how to make big bucks prior to release.