Bandla Ganesh’s speech embarrasses Pawan ?

Gabbar Singh producer Ganesh Babu was all excited on the stage of Gabbar Singh audio launch. He went overboard in expressing his gratitude towards Pawan Kalyan. He said that he would be with Pawan forever if the star permits him to.
Citing an example, he said his son once asked what is honesty, Ganesh said he just showed him the photo of Pawan Kalyan. He made several comments like ‘Pawan is the portrait of honesty’, ‘Pawan at times looks like Bhagath Singh at times like Lord Shiva who opened his 3rd eye’. Pawan Kalyan was visibly embarrassed as Ganesh is uncontrollably going overboard. The actor was seen continuously laughing when Ganesh was speaking.
Although Ganesh’s speech was over the Super Moon, his love and affection towards Pawan are liked by the Pawan’s fans.They felt those words came from the bottom of his heart. They hope that Ganesh has produced a hit film with their matinee idol.