Battle between ANR and NTR’s flop teams

Generally any batlle for supremacy involves to top teams but in this surprising battle, two flop teams from top families of tollywood are involved. They are none other than Akkinenis and Nandamuris. If one goes by records there are not many high profile battles between top heroes from Akkinenis and Nandamuris. What ever battles used to be there it ended during ANR and NTR’s time itself. Balakrishna and Nagarjuna took care so that their films never clashed much at the box office. They even chose different lines with Balakrishna chosing mass masala entertainers while Nagarjuna chosing lover romantic entertainers.However all that changed with the entry of young brigade.
Nagarjuna’s son Naga Chaitanya started his entry with mass entertainer ‘Josh’ which flopped at the box office. However he came with a bang with romantic entertainers ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ and ‘100% Love’ but he showed his intentions to attack the mass fort of Nandamuris by getting a mass image. So he tried his luck with ‘Dada’ and ‘Bezawada’ which however bombed at box office. But he is not taking it lying down and is coming as ‘Auto Nagar Surya’ another mass entertainer. Another hero from Akkinenis Sumanth tried his luck with ‘Golkonda High School’, ‘Dooramga Daggaraga’ and ‘Raaz’ but he could not unlock the success ‘Raaz’. Similar is the case with Susanth who thought of passing success ‘Current’ but power cuts dashed his hopes. He is currently in his ‘Adda’.
While Akkinenis are trying to come out of their flop strings, Nandamuri heroes case is no different. Tarakaratna who made a sensational debut signing 9 films even before the release of his first film recently turned ‘Nandeeswarudu’ requsted his fans to call him ‘NTR’. The film however bombed at box office thus dashing his hopes of mass hero. Kalyan Ram after his superhit ‘Atanokkade’ failed to find his success ‘Kathi’. Currently he is in search of success script. It is difficult to predict winners in this battle of flops as both teams are competing with renewed vigor.