BC boon for PCC Chief !

Many might be writing off APCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana. Those who write him off will be doing it at their own peril unaware of Botsa’s ultimate power and hidden clout. He may have made some controversial statements on fees reimbursements issue however that do not in any way undermine his power. According to speculation his caste will play an important role in deciding his future and as such it is turning out to be a boon for him.
According to reliable information, Botsa will soon be made deputy CM of Andhra Pradesh and he will be working under CM Kiran. As and when it happens it will be a shocker for Kiran as it will start a fresh fascinating rivalry between the two. Sources say in a week’s time starting from 9th-11th major changes are expected in the State and this is one of the most important change.
Congress High command after weighing the pros and cons decided to make BC candidate Botsa Satyanarayana, Dy CM of the state in order to placate BCs. Currently all political parties are competing with each other to win over BCs. It all started with TDP’s Naidu promising 100 party tickets to BCs which was countered by YSRCP’s Vijayamma who promised 100 seats for BCs while Bota advocated for seats according to percentage. This might have worked in his favor.