Beauty Queen’s skin show classes for daughter

Glamorous diva Sridevi ruled the roost for decades in the Film Industry with her alluring beauty and mesmerizing performance. Now, she is preparing ground for the debut of her daughter Jhanvi into the film arena.
Apart from being in touch with ace filmmakers, Sridevi is teaching Jhanvi the techniques to reach to the top. First in the list is about the ‘skin show’. The amount of skin once shows will leave an impression on the minds of viewers and finally end up branding them to certain categories.
There has always been a narrow line drawn between sexuality and vulgarity. “In Film Industry, actresses are branded as A-listers, B-grade, Sex Bombs and Item Girls. Usually, the Top league heroines are known for their rich sensuous appeal and gripping performance. And the remaining glam dolls comes under the vulgarity category because of their excessive skin show,” said a senior film critic.
How Jhanvi incorporated the suggestions given by her mother can be analysed once if her debut film gets released? But, until then hope for the best!