Who Is Behind ‘Janasena 175’?

Elections are less than a year ahead. Speculations of media, assumptions of people, calculations of political parties are taking off from their runways.It is known that a few weeks ago Pawan Kalyan announced that he is going to contest from all 175 assembly constituencies in 2019 elections. But some sources speculate that all that it needs is huge financial funding to crack this mission of 175 constituencies. But who is going to fund? Will the contestants be so confident to invest by themselves in all 175 constituencies?

Inside sources say that a rich Kapu realtor is behind Pawan Kalyan all these years, meeting the expenses of Janasena office. There are a few other businessmen as well. Other sources say that BJP is also behind funding. But to sum up, the funding gets pumped in as long as Janasena sounds promising enough to capture considerable number of constituencies to play power game.

On the other hand, there is an assumption that YSRCP may get into an alliance with Janasena. Though there are no direct talks regarding this, the inside sources from YSRCP say that a possible alliance may happen down the line with Janasena if they feel that latter becomes definitely crucial in splitting TDP votes in key constituencies. But the same sources also revealed that Jagan is not at all interested in such an idea as he feels it’s not required.

A few from YSRCP are in second thought about this possible alliance citing the example of Karnataka. Though JD got lesser number of seats when compared to Congress, it’s JD’s candidate who became the Chief Minister at last. So, YSRCP bigwigs are not willing to see such situation with their ambitious possible alliance with Janasena.

Let us see what is in store as we approach the election season.