Bellamkonda’s Huge Plans for Younger Son


Top producer Bellamkonda Suresh who has spent a bomb on Alludu Seenu to launch his elder son Bellamkonda Srinivas as hero is all set to produce his second film too. Srinivas’s second film will be directed by Boyapati Srinu. This film is all set to start rolling from August 27.

Meanwhile Bellamkonda Suresh is also planning to launch his younger son Ganesh Babu as hero. Ganesh produced Alludu Seenu and is raring to try his luck as hero. Suresh is planning to launch Ganesh with a project as huge as Alludu Seenu. He is in talks with top directors for the same.

Suresh came to film industry with a dream of being a star. He went to Ram Gopal Varma and asked for a role in Shiva. RGV didn’t even look at Suresh’s face and rejected him straightaway. That incident made him a producer and Suresh is now reliving his dreams in the form of his sons. Great story no?