Best buddy defends Ram Charan’s childish act

Tollywood hunk Daggubati Rana has come to the defence of his best buddy Ram Charan, when one of his tweets gave an impression that he don’t know the meaning of ‘3 AM Friend’.
“On that particular day, both Me and Charan were shooting for our films at Ramoji Film City. When we met during the break time, Charan jokingly asked me about ‘3 AM Friend’ and immediately he posted the same on Twitter. It’s not like he don’t know about it, but it was done in leighter vein,” said Rana.
“What does a 3am friend exactly mean?? Sum1 plss explain,” tweeted Ram Charan a month back, when South hottie Trisha claimed that Rana is her ‘3 AM friend’ in film industry. (3 AM friend: A friend whom you call first in an emergency)
Looking at Ram Charan’s tweet, some people had commented that it’s a childish act and some others opined he is desperately trying to establish himself as a person with great sense of humour. Luckily, his true friend Rana is always there to defend him!