Better Than ‘Teen Maar’ is Enough For Us

Pawan kalyan’s flicks although rated from averages to flops to disasters in past years, very few occasions it was found that distributors or exhibitors have really incurred big losses. Of course, film business runs on this kind of risky lines but Pawan bored fruitful results even with his biggest flops. If Power Star has such capacity to save the distributors even with flop run of his movies, what could be the actual range any of his Super Duper Hit film will reach?
When one of the overseas exhibitors is asked on the same question, his reply was stunning. ‘Best example to show Pawan Mania in overseas would be with ‘Teen Maar.’ Apparently this movie got weak talk in Indian market has reached a break-even stage in overseas just with first week collections. Speaking with least optimism, we aren’t expecting any great things to happen with ‘Gabbar Singh.’ Even if a product better than ‘Teen Maar’ is delivered by director Harish Shankar, records are ought to break. Teaser came out attractive and we hope the same from film too.’