Bhanu finally reveals reasons for killing Suri

During the interrogation, Bhanu Kiran confessed before the CID that he himself had killed factionist leader Maddelacheruvu Suri. He also explained the reasons that prompted him to commit the crime. The reasons are listed below:
1. Fear of being killed in the hands of Suri someday
2. Suri abused Bhanu’s mother and sister
3. Suri ill-treated Bhanu several times before his associates
4. Suri abused Bhanu for amassing huge wealth using his name
Bhanu revealed that it took him four months to plan the murder sketch and waited for the right time to execute it. He took the help of four of his friends to escape, after shooting Suri from point blank range.
The CID police arrested Bhanu at Zaheerabad in Amrit Dhaba at around 1 pm on Saturday, when he is on his way back to Hyderabad from Mumbai to collect money from his friend Madhu. An AK-47 riffle and 5 bullets were recovered from him.