Big Change In MohanBabu This Year

Today, actor and producer Mohan Babu is celebrating his birthday. Film Nagar folks have identified a big-change in him this year both on personal front and on professional front!
On personal front, Mohan Babu stopped promoting his kids, if sources are to be believed. Even for his younger son Manoj’s latest flick Mr.Nookayya, the self-styled actor tweeted a couple of good things but hasn’t come before cameras to promote it. Likewise, he is not promoting any of the stuff made by Lakshmi Manchu too. While Vishnu is a different case as people are forgetting him any way, until he comes up with a swashbuckling movie, MB is not talking no more about him. Professionally, MB used to take potshots at different actors for different things and is famous for his press meets to make scathing attacks. 
With many stunning happenings on AP’s political front, Mohan Babu’s silence is an utter shock for both fans and political circuits. Till now he hasn’t voiced his feelings for Congress people ditching his guru Dasari a Rajyasabha seat for his long time friend-enemy Chiranjeevi. We can only say, Mohababu changed with changing times at present! wishes many happy returns of the day to ‘Dialogue King’ Mohan Babu.