Big Doubt’s On Hottie’s Lip Lock


Locking lips is the new phenomenon that caught up with Tollywood. From a small-budgeted flick to a star hero, they are starting with a peck on lips and sometimes ending up with chewing them. Are these kisses really drawing crowds and winning box-office numbers? Let’s talk about temptingly hot Regina Cassandra’s smooches.

Doing it couple of times on silver screen, Regina ended up with sensuous lip kissing that tickled her admires. In ‘Routine Love Story’ and ‘Ra Ra Krishnayya’, she shared a passionate kiss with the hero of the films. But surprisingly these two flicks ended up with drastic results at box office, irrespective of the hype and hoopla surrounding them. This is in turn creating big doubts for Mass Raja Ravi Teja’s fans.

Teases of ‘Power’ indicate that Regina shares another such kiss. She was seen pecking on Ravi’s lips in a romantic song shot at a serene and secluded beach. Is this kissing going to fetch anything for Raviteja who is lacking blockbusters from a time? The doubt will remain, until the movie hits screens on this 29th.