Big Doubts About RaNa’s Stardom!?

After making a big debut amongst fanfare, macho hero RaNa is yet to taste his commercial success. Known for his big cut-out and height, the question now is will he attract youth with his commercial elements to stand out as a commercial hero.
To start out as a commercial star in the industry, one needs to essay three things with excellence. Dialogue delivery, breathtaking fights and foot tapping dances are must for any star commercial hero. The likes of RamCharan, Jr.NTR, Allu Arjun and Ram are rocketing their journey with all these ingredients. However, the latest released video songs of ‘Naa Ishtam’ showcase the unease of RaNa in dances.
This upcoming flick of Daggubati hero is said to be a commercial love story with all the touch of glitterati. With both RaNa and the ravishing heroine Genelia weak in shaking their bodies for ‘classic dance moves’, the songs haven’t stood out. At least, the oomph factor should have paid off like Maheshbabu-Kajal’s ‘Businessman’ songs, but that is also not happening here with Genelia looking unexciting. Off course, ‘babai’ Venky is also not a big dancer but managed well with family audiences and same things happens for RaNa too, a critic stated. Everything is RaNa’s Istham!