Big ‘Bang’ Storm On India’s Peaceful Day


October 2nd is not just Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday but all Indians treat is the most peaceful day ever. Celebrating the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, we honor the ‘peace’ he propagated and surely we are peaceful that day than ever, but not this year.

Hrithik Roshan’s latest movie ‘Bang Bang’ is surely creating ripples with his high octane content. And such a highly adrenaline rushing action movie is releasing worldwide on October 2nd. For Tollywood, we will be watching Telugu dubbed version of ‘Bang Bang’ in majority of theatres.

Being a long weekend, surely Hrithik and Katrina’s racy acts will get massive attention, but act is that cine lovers are going to turn noisy with their cheers on what should be a peaceful day. Perhaps, peace is outside and sound pollution inside the theaters playing this flick.