#BigBoss2: Babu Gogineni’s Culture Going Viral

For those who regularly watch TV debates, the name Babu Gogineni rings many bells. He attacks his opponents with logic and makes them drink tank load water with his mind-blowing gyaan and philosophies. And then, his entry into Big Boss Season 2 has come like a surprise for many.

Quite shocking, Babu Gogineni got nominated into Elimination Zone as some of his fellow contestants voted against him. And then, there is this ‘culture’ that is going viral on the internet about the things he spoke inside the house. Especially some dialogues like “Gelavadam lo goppathanam ledu. Odipoyaka lechi nunchovadamlo goppathanam vundi” are the top pick of netizens.

Also many got flattered by some of his moves like putting his left leg while entering into the house (as we feel putting right leg is an auspicious sign), calculating time using a small stick and sun (sundial concept, 8th standard science), talking about servant rights when Sanjana asked him for a massage, and talking about self-respect have made him a crazy guy among youths.

Recently he also revealed how they donated his father’s eyes and body, and in his AV he explained his mother doing the same, thereby promoting Organ Donation. With all these aspects in place, his culture is forming cult fan base now.