#BigBoss2: Balance Hangs In HIS Favour

Apparently, the chance for evicted contestants to come back into the house again is a big thing and audiences are quick to vote their favourites. And here comes an interesting analysis about the same.

Among the contestants like Nutan Naidu, Bhanusri, Syamala, Sanjana, Kireeti and Tejaswi, who has the best chances of coming back to the house? Actually, Kireeti is the least expected in this group, while Tejaswi may not be coming back immediately as she faced a lot of negativity and also got evicted only a week ago.

Cut to others, Bhanusri is a tough contestant but she too is facing flak for making cheap accusations on Kaushal. Anchor Syamala want to spend time with her newborn and might not be interested to come back. And the only favourite and easy option in hand is Nutan Naidu, as Sanjana has also drawn a lot of criticism.

There are some rumours doing rounds on social media that Nutan has already packed bags and waiting, while the final voting on google and other means ends in two days to pick the contestant. For now, the balance weighs in favour of Nutan Naidu. Let’s see!!