#BigBoss2: Doubts On Two Couples!!

A look at #BigBoss2 will give you new thoughts about the show. Slowly the Telugu version’s second season is turning hotter with contestants emulating their Hindi counterparts. Here goes an interesting snippet.

Other day when Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal are discussing, they spoke about what is cooking between Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina. On that note, Geetha revealed “Tanish is saying that ‘Su’ (he fondly calls Deepthi Sunaina like that) is pretty younger for him, and Deepthi stated that Tanish is like her brother. But still, they are seen hanging together”.

True to her words, both Tanish and Deepthi are seen engaged in animated conversations sitting by the side of the pool and also late in the night even after lights are switched off. In reality, Tanish is 26 and Deepthi is 20, so age is not such a thing here. But still, what’s cooking between them?

Already there are such doubts on the chemistry between Tejaswi and Samraat, and Tejaswi has denied any such fling and stated that she’s just good friends with Samraat and Tanish. Let’s see if Nani will clear the ‘doubts’ on these two couples.