#BigBoss2: Final Five, But Not Fantastic Five

Finally, after crossing 100+ days of run, Big Boss Season 2 has entered into its final week. And then, with Roll Rida getting eliminated last night, there are five final contestants in the house, fighting for the big win.

The final five that made to the final week is none other than Kaushal, TV9 Deepthi, Samrat, Geetha Madhuri and Tanish. Among all these contestants, Kaushal is enjoying huge social media following, while others like Geetha and Tanish are also having their own fanbases.

Kaushal: He’s remembered for his aggressiveness and then his fighting spirit in the initial days, but of late he’s trying to project himself as a messiah which is backfiring big time. His unwanted explanations and unneeded advice are boring most of the times to inmates and sometimes to audiences.

Deepthi and Geetha: Both sound fake on many occasions though they are good at respecting others. While Geetha is more kiddish and drags every single argument into an unwanted discussion, Deepthi tends to play safe by carefully playing her card with each inmate.

Tanish: Other than shouting that ‘ushhh’ with his trademark finger on mouth gesture, he hasn’t proved much, but luck favoured him big time. His ability to make friends with many has helped him and we have to see if that could help in winning the title too.

Samrat: One of that good-hearted and silent person but he’s helped big way as he befriended many and never part of nominations. Else, he would have been out of the house by now, say many. But with the weeks counting, he is showing maturity as a contestant. Let’s see if he could win.

All these five are not fantastic but one of them would surely win the crown next Sunday. Let’s see what happens!!