#BigBoss2: Nani’s Philosophy Is Touching

“As I do films, some will turn hits at the box-office and some end up as disasters. But even for a flop film, the efforts I pour along with the cast and crew will be the same. We promote it in a strong way and release it in a big way. The failure or success won’t affect me, as we have to move on, taking them positively” said Nani, talking about how he handles a film, even if he knows in advance after looking at a first copy that the film is going to flop.

Wonder why he spoke about that now, apparently, Nani gave a strong message to model/actor Kaushal, who was about to give an advice to Big Boss over Nutan Naidu’s eviction. From last 3-4 days, Kaushal was noticed uttering multiple times that he will be staying in the show for only a few days. Highlighting that, Nani stated that such negative feelings should be nipped in the bud.

“Don’t lose that confidence. Don’t share such negative thought. Don’t push yourself into a low mode. Making the Big Boss team believe that you’re mentally strong to play this game inside the house, you’ve entered the show. But now if you are flaunting such less-confident attitude, what is the use of it? Be strong and motivate yourself and others” Nani added.

On a whole, most of the audiences got touched upon hearing Nani’s philosophy other day on Big Boss show. Many felt that he never forgets the roots where he came from and hence delivers such positive philosophical stuff.