#BigBoss2: She’s Facing Huge Backlash Now!

As the show is progressing, Big Boss 2 is introducing new colours of each participant, surprising and shocking to the audiences. The Nani hosted show is getting more dose of masala from a couple of participants, but that is winning them only negativity.

After the way ‘good-bad’ task went down in Big Boss 2 house, people have changed their opinion big time about the contestants. Especially the way Tejaswi and Bhanu Sree reacted at Kaushal, without minimum ethics, has made them the villains of the house.

With Kaushal trying to grab an apple from Bhanu Sree as part of the task, she accused that he’s trying to touch her inappropriately. She created a ruckus out of that, and Tejaswi joined voice, adding more rubbish accusations. But surprisingly, Geetha Madhuri, who is part of the ‘bad’ team, has come to Kaushal’s rescue. She spoke in his defence and stated that he never touched Bhanu and Teju inappropriately.

Looking at this, audiences have come to a feeling that Tejaswi and Bhanu Sree are targeting Kaushal only to get attention, votes and some credibility. They are now disliking these two to the core and with Bhanu Sree in elimination zone, many are expecting Big Boss to send her out. Let’s see what happens.