#BigBoss2: How Does Tanish Know That Song?

Sometimes people are getting doubts if #BigBoss2 contestants are really not in touch with the outside world like we are made to believe through the telecast every day. Especially after listening to a song sung by Tanish other day, this doubt sprouted up.

Other day Tanish is seen humming the song “Inkem Inkem Kavale” in front of Deepthi Sunaina and that turned pretty interesting. And there comes the mega doubt. Tanish entered the Big Boss house 40 days ago and at that time, this popular song from “Geetha Govindam” movie is not yet released. But how come Tanish know about this song?

Some say that Big Boss might have played the song during their wakeup calls in the morning, while few felt that Nani might have revealed to them about that song while interacting with them off the record. Whatever may be the reason, it created doubt that Big Boss is actually leaking info from the outside world to its participants.

On the flip side, with Nandini trying to grow close to Tanish, it looks like Deepthi Sunaina is more hurt now. We have to see what happens next.