#BigBoss2: Three Contestants Losing Grip!

#BigBoss2 is taking many turns now and contestants are giving super twists to their characters themselves. After enjoying huge following and support of audiences, few persons like Babu Gogineni, Tanish and now Kaushal are hurting their image themselves.

With Babu Gogineni claiming that he’s of superior knowledge and an international, and then his tiff with Geetha Madhuri when she asked about his real attention in forcing Deepthi Nallamothu out of Captain race by hurling water at her, he lost that good samaritan image.

And then, Tanish’s multiple flirting with Deepthi Sunaina and Nandini is not doing well with many. At the same time, he’s still that ‘groupism’ guy who wants to spend time and favour his friends like Samrat, Deepthi but won’t care about others.

Cut to Kaushal, he’s been indulging in a lot of nagging when it comes to things. Other day also when he complained like a kid that two people in the house didn’t thank him for winning the swimming pool contest, people felt he’s bit nagging more. That will not help Kaushal in the coming days for sure.