#BigBoss2: TV9 Deepthi Stuns As Queen Mother

Yesterday night there is a special skit asked to be performed by Big Boss, where there will be a King, Queen and a rebel princess, and how they will be entertained by some villagers. And this skit has showcased the best of some inmates, where TV9 anchor Deepthi Nallamothu nailed it big time.

Contestant Nutan Naidu acted as King, Deepthi Nallamothu as Queen and new entrant Nandini Rai as the princess. Speaking in elite kingly class Telugu language of the olden times, Deepthi just stunned by uttering some lengthy dialogues. And also her exaggerated dramatic performance as a mother who’s upset with her daughter rejecting food has simply stunned all.

Going by her expressions, dialogues and sharp reactions, Deepthi looks like a proper bet for character roles in upcoming Telugu films. Definitely, after exit from Big Boss 2, she should give a try into films rather sticking to journalism and news channels, say many.

And also her way of playing the game in a natural way without indulging in much politics is actually impressive. It’s 10 days into the show now and we have to see what happens in the near future anyway.