Bigg B(A)ss – Not A Family Show Anymore!

Unlike its Hindi version, Bigg Boss has remained family friendly for four weeks in Telugu. NTR’s energetic job as the host somehow made the unexciting show a watchable fare.

But NTR alone cannot hold the audiences interest for so long as he will be seen only during the weekends.

Looks like Bigg Boss organizers decided to spice the things by introducing adult stuff into the show.

‘Star hotel task’ assigned to the contestants turned vulgar with Navdeep and Deeksha Panth crossing the line with their weird requests for ‘service’ from the remaining contestants.

To name a few, Navdeep asked Archana to remove the hair on his feet with her teeth and Deeksha demanded for a ‘thigh’ massage from Siva Balaji.

She also asked him to wear nothing else but a pink towel below his navel while he offers the ‘service’.

Later she asked Adarsh to pluck her underarm hair with bare hands to which he readily obliged to. There were many other weird requests from Navdeep and Deeksha in the name of ‘secret task’ that left the audiences cringing all the while.

Deeksha was almost molested by Prince and other male contestants who forcefully carried her towards the store room. It was Archana’s idea and Navdeep was not pleased to know about it. “Are you a woman?” he fired at Archana to which the actress was deeply offended.

Will Bigg Boss put an end to such stuff to keep it clean or will they let the contestants do wild things to keep the TVRs up?