Bigg Boss 2 Eliminations: Look Who is in Danger Zone ?

Bigg Boss season 2 is getting closer to the finale. It is just a couple of weeks away from entering the final week. Competition is getting fiercer with ten contestants still in the game.

Four out of them have been nominated for eliminations this week. Kaushal, Tanish, Deepthi Nallamothu and Pooja Ramachandran are in danger of elimination.

But according to the voting trends, Pooja Ramachandran is likely to get evicted this week. Pooja who entered as wild card entry in the seventh week couldn’t impress much apart from being active during tasks.

Her hyper aggressive attitude and unnecessary shouting against other contestants came under the radar, which didn’t earn her any fans.

Bigg Boss hoped Pooja to play smart as she is aware of the happenings outside. The goal was to sideline Kaushal and keep Pooja in the limelight, but that hasn’t happened.

With eliminated contestants like Babu Gogineni, Sunaina and Tejaswi supporting Tanish and Deepthi Nallamothu getting some support from Kaushal fans and Geetha fans, it is Pooja that is in immediate danger.

She will be the one who would walk out of the house this week unless something sensational happens in the next couple of episodes to boost her votes.