‘Bigg Boss 2 Winner : If Not Him, Get Ready For Protests’

Anchor and actress Rashmi has made her prediction on Bigg Boss 2 season winner. She said that it would be Kaushal whose Army and Team are aggressively promoting him online.In her latest interview, Rashmi said that it would be Kaushal and if not him she said her followers, fans would do protest, dharnas.

However, Rashmi said that she is not watching Bigg Boss 2 seasons much. She quickly added that she is listening about the show. She said many of the contestants in the ongoing show are close to her. Rashmi said Geetha is her close friend.

Rashmi said that she get to know about the news, updates on Bigg Boss in social platforms like Twitter, Instagram. Hence she said there is no need to follow Bigg Boss regularly and she said she could get news despite not watching the show.