Bigg Boss Host Nani Loses Cool Again !

Bigg Boss isn’t a regular game show or reality show. It plays with the emotions of the viewers and forces them either to oppose or sympathize with the housemates.Every viewer sees it in a different way and picks his/her favorite contestant accordingly.

Emotions are sure to go overboard when the viewers sympathize or idolize someone in the house.Kaushal is the most followed contestant among this season’s housemates. Most of the contestants either tried to do character assassination or bullied him, which resulted in the rise of Kaushal Army.

Kaushal has little idea about what is happening outside, but the game has gone into the hands of so-called Kaushal Army in its initial stages only. They have been the decision makers of who to keep and who to eliminate from the house.

Bigg Boss is trying every trick in the book to minimize the effect of Kaushal Army. The housemates were given massive hints about Kaushal’s following and indirectly advised them to go against him.Geetha Madhuri took the bait and has launched a massive target mission against Kaushal. She is also being helped by the Bigg Boss in a way.

She nominated Kaushal for entire season using her special powers that she got after winning a task. Geetha without showing any remorse went onto make fun of Kaushal Army.“He has an army. Let’s use it by nominating him,” Geetha said in a satirical tone followed by an evil laugh.

This hasn’t gone down well with the fans of Kaushal that they are making videos against Geetha. The show’s host Nani came across a video made by an elderly lady who hurled abuses against Geetha.

Nani should have kept quiet knowing that the emotions are flowing as the game has reached penultimate stages. Instead he tagged the video and expressed his displeasure against it.

“I feel very sorry for this lady .. Amma vayasu vunna aavida.. ilanti maatalu matladatam.. that too for a game show .. disturbing,” Nani tweeted.

This reaction has been receiving backlash from Kaushal fans. Just check the replies for Nani’s above tweet on Twitter.

Nani always had a firm stand against internet bullying, which he’s been very vocal about. But he should stop getting into the emotional warfare of Bigg Boss viewers, which would affect his image to an extent. This will anyway be forgotten after the show is concluded.

But voicing his opinions on emotional outburst of the show’s fans might damage his universal star image and reputation as an actor, opine his well-wishers.