Bigg Boss Master Plan To Save Tejaswi From Eviction

Five weeks into the new season, Tejaswi Madivada still remains to be the most controversial and most hated contestant of all.

In spite of repeated warnings and suggestions from host Nani, she hasn’t changed her ways. Besides romancing Samrat Reddy, she always tries to influence other housemates so that they lose their balance and get evicted.

No wonder people are looking to eliminate Tejaswi as soon as possible. However, Bigg Boss cannot risk of losing Tejaswi, who is also the most active contestant of all.

She provides content that boosts TVRs of the show. More than half the house members are either passive or very protective of their public image. So a contestant like Tejaswi is much needed to run the show for another nine weeks.

Bigg Boss has been employing new methods to save Tejaswi from nominations. Despite that she is still a regular feature among the nominated contestants.

Bigg Boss makes sure to have many contestants in the nominations list whenever Tejaswi features in it.

Right now she is in the nominations list and Bigg Boss cleverly pushed her to the background to save her from public ire.

Tejaswi is known to create controversies if she actively participates in a task. So Bigg Boss asked her to play the background role of choreographer so that she wouldn’t get much public attention.

Giving less air time would be Bigg Boss’s ploy to keep a check on the rising negativity against her. But how long can they keep Tejaswi quiet as she always find ways to get on the nerves of housemates.