Bigg Boss Winner Celebrations in Bayarea, USA

As many of Great Andhra readers already know that Bigg Boss season 2 was a big it on television screen, since the second of week of season Kaushal is a Hot favorite, finally he become the Winner of Season 2 with huge number of votes from the Telugu community around world.The votes difference between him and rest of the finalist is a large gap, some reason Star Maa did not reveal the finalist votes in this season where as they did in season 1.

Suresh Vuyyuru, invited all Bayarea Kaushal fans to celebrate this victory, on Sunday, there is huge crowd shown up to participate in this celebration, the organizers Kiran, Prasanna and Sarada shared their excitement of Kaushal victory and cut the cake along with other crowd. All crowd said Best wishes to his future plans.

In this occasion, Suresh Vuyyuru said that Since day one Kaushal maintains discipline by waking up early morning, working hard in GYM, he has complete focus on his target, had confidence in achieving his goal, he is most sincere among all other, he played hard in any task and most of the task he is the best player with respective to audience, but conning house mates never agreed that he is the best player, he goes to sleep early where as others do back bitching until late night, the other contestants always use to pray his name whole day, all the audience felt that without Kaushal like character BB 2 might have been utter flop.

Finally, the crowd ended the event by singing INDIAN national antham jana gana mana.Kiran, Subramanyam, Mrs. Prassanna, Sarada, Polam Reddy, Suri Raju attended the event.Serra staff helped to Photographing the event and kiran thanked the Serra theaters management for helping to conduct this event.