Bigg Boss Winner Kaushal’s Ridiculous Claims

Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda’s recent interview to a news channel has given enough fodder for the trollers. In this interview, Kaushal made some statements that sound ridiculously funny.He informed the news anchor that he got congratulatory call from Prime Minister’s office after he won the title of “Bigg Boss 2”.

Though he didn’t say Prime Minister Modi called him but the mention of PM’s office itself became a point for trollers to attack him.People have started circulating Memes of Kaushal meeting US President Trump. Such trolling is going on over this PMO’s call.

In the same breath, he mentioned Guinness Book of Records also approached him as he received 40 Crore votes.It is a fact that he has received highest number of votes, Guinness Record approaching him sounds a bit odd. It has to be verified whether he has really got record votes. Kaushal also said he will soon be receiving doctorate from a University for winning the Bigg Boss 2 title.

The online Trollers are now in full force to tease him on social media.