Bigg Boss2 : Is Nani really watching the show ?

Unlike NTR who gained positive image with his hosting in Bigg Boss show season 1, Nani seems to be losing his fame and earning bad feedback instead. Nani is being trolled and blamed for allegedly biased talks and favoritism towards some housemates.

It is heard that Nani doesn’t even know completely on what is going on in the house and the response from the public on the happenings. Being busy with his Devadas shooting, Nani is heard to be taking a brief description on his Saturday’s show on that day itself before recording.

If this is all true, Nani is not watching all the episodes, instead hired a team of scriptwriters from a private channel for that job. There is a strong allegation that these scriptwriters are not being loyal and are guiding Nani in a wrong direction with their biased writings.

As it is evident that the games and show turned one-sided, Bigg Boss organizers too are rumored to be working to bring the balance back through Nani, by keeping him in the dark about their intention. Not just this, there are rumors that Nani is shooting for Sunday’s episode on Saturday evening due to his busy schedules, which is giving more scope for leakage on eliminations.

Nani signed up for Bigg Boss amid his super busy schedules only to earn fame through it. But his busy schedules are not giving him at least an hour a day to keep up with Bigg Boss daily happenings and depending completely on scriptwriters earned him a very bad feedback each week. It is also heard that Nani decided to take up some serious measures to put down negativity on him as Bigg Boss host and stay away from Bigg Boss after finishing these four weeks.