Bigg Conspiracy: Nutan Naidu Evicted Against Bigg Boss Rules?

Bigg Boss season 2 is getting spicier and saucier as it approaches the finale. It is just three weeks away from wrap up and tension is building by the day.Meanwhile, something unusual happened in Sunday episode, which has created huge public uproar that the hashtag #dishonestbbteluguteam trended National wide right after the Sunday episode has been concluded.Nutan Naidu’s eviction has come as a shock to many as he was at second place in all unofficial polls.

Evictions of Bigg Boss have been predictable so far as they were in sync with the unofficial polls conducted on other websites.But Bigg Boss host Nani claimed that Nutan has got fewer votes than Amit, who failed to impress the show fans in spite of his stay of over eighty days in the house.Despite Bigg Boss’s tactics to corner crowd’s favorite Kaushal many a time, evictions have been in tune with public pulse until Nutan’s eviction happened. This has raised doubts over the transparency of the show and Kaushal Army is a worried lot now.

They allege that the host and organizers are taking the wrong route to make sure that Kaushal doesn’t win the show.Doubts aside, one thing that is pretty evident is Bigg Boss has been favoring their celebrated contestants Tanish and Geetha Madhuri by saving them from nominations.A few developments in the show are adding fuel to the public allegations. Editing out Kaushal’s thanks message to fans after getting into the protected zone has raised eyebrows.

People who attended the weekend show say that Kaushal has shut down Geetha Madhuri with terrific counters. But those were edited out of Saturday’s episode.Now evicting Nutan, the only ally of Kaushal appears like another tactic to put Kaushal under pressure.Has this show turned into an ego clash of public vs show’s host and organizers? Are they willing to put the show’s viewership and host’s reputation at stake for the sake of proving their dominance?

With hashtags #boycottdevadas, #biasedbiggbosshost gaining popularity hope Nani clears the air and comes out clean to keep his ‘universal favorite star’ image intact.