#BiggBoss2: Here Comes The Wild Card Entry

Tonight, the Bigg Boss show will be getting a wild boost. Just like the first season, the show’s makers have introduced a wildcard entry to the show just when it was needed. Popular TV host and actor Pradeep Machiraju is the wildcard entry for this season.

Pradeep has already entered the Bigg Boss house, and his first episode will be aired tonight. Needless to say that Pradeep’s inclusion will boost the show’s TRPs during weekdays. The young anchor has a lot of following among young and family audiences, who are biggest patrons to Bigg Boss.

Pradeep’s entry comes at the right time. There have been groups and ego clashes among housemates since many days. Pradeep’s entry will change these dynamics to a great extent, making the show all the more interesting.