#BiggBoss2: Reason Behind The Leaks!

Ever since Bigg Boss season 2 began around a couple of months ago, nonstop leaks of the show’s daily updates, weekly eliminations and wildcard entries are leaving the show’s organisers in a huge apprehension. The constant leaks that turned out to be true each time at least one day ahead of the next telecast are also diluting the mystery around the show to a huge extent.

The Bigg Boss leaks started off when the names of all the 16 contestants who were selected to take part in the second season were leaked on social media a day before the inaugural show. It then continued with the leakage of the eliminations of Sanjana, Nutan Naidu, Syamala, Bhanu Sree and Tejaswi and even Nandini recently.

The leakage menace was not as serious in the first season. And the reason is simple. The first season was shot in the original Bigg Boss house set in Lonavala near Pune with an all-Hindi crew. But the second season is being shot at a specially erected house set at Annapurna Studios.Now that the game just a month away before being concluded, the show’s organisers are trying out all means to prevent any further leaks. Whether they will be successful or not will be known in the coming weeks.