Biggest weak link of Gabbar Singh

Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh is raising expectations with even a ten second teaser. Recently released teaser about the audio release has clicked with Power fans. Pawan’s dance and his expressions are instantly liked by his fans and followers. However there is one weak link that is worrying them. That is none other than the heroine of Gabbar Singh, Shruti Haasan.
Two shots of Shruti were shown in the teaser and she looked very odd in the village belle attire. Besides, her makeup is awkward in those scenes. Pawan fans are hoping for the best and praying that Shruti looks better on the screen. As far as fans are concerned, they are hoping Gabbar Singh to be a blockbuster and they don’t want any weak link to mar the film’s success range.
Shruti has been termed as the ‘iron leg lady’ as all her films she starred in were ended up as flops. Therefore Pawan fans are a little bit worried about her ‘luck’ factor to affect the fate of Gabbar Singh. Nowadays heroines are playing big role in making a film super hit. Hence, Shruti should be on the list of Gabbar Singh’s highlights but not among the drawbacks.