‘Birthday suit’ becomes latest celebrity trend!

The penchant among actresses to come up with bikini feasts has become a common thing. But with glamor being the prime property for entertainment circuit, there are those starlets who are taking the skin show to a new level ie by going bare. And the best part is, there seems to be competition growing in this circuit too.
Well, this is happening majorly in Mumbai. The likes of Sherlyn Chopra, Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey, Poonam Jhawar have been vying against each other to come up with the spiciest of stills and cause a commotion. Already the top league starlets are going bold with their bikini feasts and spicy photo shoots.
So these sexy sirens opting to appear in ‘birthday suits’ doesn’t come as a surprise. While it is causing a huge amount of disturbance for the male folks, what remains to be seen is the impact caused when someone from the top league might go for something like this. For now, who do you think is the spiciest among these spice girls?