BJP Has The Best Deal Of All

As the TDP, Jana Sena and YSRCP continue to blame one another and the Centre for lack of development in new Andhra Pradesh, it is the BJP which has the best deal of all.Picture this scenario: BJP hardly has a presence in Andhra Pradesh and why will it shell out lakhs of crores to AP and allow Naidu to bag the credit for it? It would rather lose a few MLA posts than lakhs of crores.

What is the worst that could happen? It would lose four MLA posts, that’s all.But if it needs support for forming the government again in 2019, it has three options in front of it: TDP, YSRCP and Jana Sena.If YSRCP comes to power, Jagan will support the BJP and even Chandrababu will not hesitate to offer his support to the BJP again in 2019.

Pawan Kalyan’s value will largely be determined by his party’s performance in 2019. So, it is the BJP which has the best deal of all.Whether it gives AP anything or not, AP parties will support it. Chandrababu for leniency towards him and Lokesh for corruption in the name of Amaravati, Polavaram and Pattiseema and Jagan for the CBI cases against him.

Either way, Modi is a winner.