BJP-MIM playing with innocent Lives

When parties start playing with religious sentiments and beliefs of people, tensions are bound to increase and that is what BJP and MIM always does in Andhra Pradesh state capital Hyderabad. Here we are not going to discuss about who is right and who is wrong but parities should realise it is wrong to play with the religious beliefs and sentiments for petty political gains especially in Old City. The place which is a high tension wire of Hyderabad resumed some calmness once TDP under NTR’s leadership came to power. Earlier it used to witness communal riots when ever Congress wants change of CM post. Normalcy was restored under TDP rule for sometime since both BJP and MIM sided with TDP. Many say there are two sides in a coin. Both BJP and MIM are one side of the coin and they don’t want to look at the other side.
One fail to understand when there are so many issues why these two parties play with religion. Govt can take steps and if it bans religious processions on various festivals things would come under control. Even people should realise that prayers can be offered individually to Almighty rather than in full public gaze mobilising huge gatherings. Both the parties are more concerned about their political ends than the problems of people. That was the only reason why MIM is dead against formation of ‘Telangana’ which it fears would strengthen its opponent BJP denting its prospects. Muslims should think why Old City still is under developed compared to other parts of the city though MIM has been ruling it for years. They should ask why conditions of muslims never improved under MIM’s rule. BJP on the other hand suddenly showering love towards people of ‘Telangana’ to make inroads in both the regions.It wants people not to question the party why it forgot the ‘T’ cause which it rose 10years back in its manifesto. People should see through the cunning political games of both the parties and teach them a fitting lesson.