BJP Starts Game To Split JDS

BJP, which relatively has got less votes compared to Congress, emerged as the single largest party by winning in 104 constituencies out of 222 constituencies in a triangular fight between Congress, BJP and JDS. Whereas Congress, which has got more vote share, confined to the second largest party with 78 seats. Now, this is changing the political equations in Karnataka rapidly.

While Congress and JDS have forged alliance and set to form the government, BJP reportedly started its game to split JDS.

BJP’s CM candidate BS Yeddyurappa claimed that he has support of 12 MLAs from JDS and he could form the government comfortably. Yeddyurappa dropped a bomb claiming that 12 JD(S) MLAs under leadership of Revenna are ready to support him.

To all the beginners, Revenna is none other than Kumaraswamy’s own and elder brother. While Revenna is not so happy with the elevation of his younger brother as the CM and there are differences between Revenna and Kumaraswamy, one is not sure whether Revenna would take such a bold step – revolt – against Kumaraswamy.

Also given that patriarch and their father Deve Gowda is very much for the unity of brothers, this claims of Yeddyurappa are raising eyeballs of many political pundits. One has to wait and see whether Yeddyurappa could split brothers Revenna and Kumaraswamy or not. Looks like, the BJP has clearly begun its political game.