BJP turning tables on Telangana

BJP bouyed by the poll surveys which puts it ahead of Congress in the next parliament elections is planning to turn tables on other parties on Telangana issue. It decided to go aggressively on Telangana statehood demand and with TRS chief KCR still waiting for signals, TDP’s Naidu still in dilemma and Congress blackened by coal scam, the party plans to strike gold with the agitations driving home the point in the hearts of Telangana people.
The party’s senior leader Advani even apologised for not giving the state in 1999 and reasoned out coalition compulsions trying to put blame on TDP. The party is promising formation of Telangana with in three months of it coming to power. In the three day protest march for Telangana the party even stormed the house of PM Manmohan Singh. Political analysts feel whether or not its policy may find favor, it will surely force other parties come up with some decisive decisions in the run up for next elections.
Now that KCR revealed that his Delhi trip has nothing to do with Telangana statehood, BJP has nothing to lose and can go all out in exposing TRS chief’s double standards. It has to be seen what decision BJP’s aggressive posture on the issue will force from indecisive Congress led UPA govt drowned in scams.