BJP’s Bad Strategy To Cost Them in 2019

Post 2014’s massive victory, success has got to the heads of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah duo in no time. After decimation of Congress in 2014 general elections and phenomenal rise of BJP, there’s no looking back for Modi and Amit Shah. But with in just four years, the BJP is now facing an acute crisis across South Indian states.

While BJP is zero in Tamil Nadu, it has very minimal role in the Telugu states, thanks to its key ally TDP. With its bad political strategy and hunger to gain strength in AP and Telangana by “decimating” its ally TDP is likely to hit back BJP very badly.

The entire episode of Tamil Nadu’s politics, after demise of Jaya Lalithaa – where BJP clearly tried to take advantage – is a proof of BJP’s hunger to strengthen its party in Tamil Nadu. But to much shocker, the people of TN has shown BJP its place. The by-election results of RK Nagar by poll says it all.

Despite its bad experience of messing up, BJP is in no mood to learn any lessons. Its latest ploy to mess with TDP and AP shows how bad BJP’s political strategy down the South is. What Modi and Amit Shah are missing is that the strategy that worked for BJP in North wouldn’t be applicable in South at all.

None of its promises to AP have been filled so far. All the promises that made by the BJP are in air and on paper, but when it comes to implementation BJP has done ZERO to AP. Even now, BJP’s leaders Hari Babu, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, Somu Veerraju are just trying to say that the Centre has “sanctioned” funds to AP and quoting figures. But what really they don’t have is how much of the sanctioned is actually disbursed to AP so far.

The strong resistance within BJP to implement AP Reorganization Act is a strong proof of how BJP is playing with fire by merging politics with governance. This is a classic case. Perhaps, no other Prime Minister or no other government has violated to implement an Act that is passed by the Parliament of India. This in turn, force people of this Nation to lose confidence on Democracy, Parliament. At a time, when people of AP have already seen a unilateral division of the state – violated States Reorganization Commission’s recommendations and a unanimous passing of Draft Telangana Bill Rejected by AP Assembly, Parliament set a very bad precedent. Now, by not implementing AP Reorganization Act, Parliament is once again sending very bad signal.

On the other hand, the people of Telangana too receiving heat due to BJP’s politics. AP Reorganization Act also promises key allocations to the new Telangana State. So far, there is no single word from the Centre on it. Since TRS is not ally of BJP and not part of NDA, there is nothing much it could do besides mounting pressure on the Centre. But BJP’s approach towards Telugu states is likely to push the Saffron party to rough phase.

Veering to Karnataka, Sidda Ramaiah-led Congress is way ahead of BJP. If the latest trends are anything to go by, BJP has a fewer chances to regain its power. In Kerala, it is out of question for BJP to form the government.

In Maharashtra, BJP’s key ally Shiv Sena has made its intention clear to part ways with BJP and doesn’t want to collaborate with BJP in 2019’s elections.

In Rajasthan, BJP has lost in the recent by-elections of Lok Sabha as Congress won in both the Lok Sabha seats (Ajmer and Alwar constituencies) against BJP sending shivers down the spine of BJP leaders. As Rajasthan polls are fast approaching, the recent by-election result is likely to reflect in the coming elections. At the same time, the trends indicate that this would also impact the 2019 General Elections.

If the current trends hold, Modi and Shah will have to prepare for a dip in the numbers they secured in 2014. By and large, BJP should brace up to face heat in 2019 for the mistakes it did during its rule.