BJP’s Target Isn’t Chandrababu But Lokesh, Here’s Why

After being partners for four years since 2014 general elections, the ruling TDP has severed all ties with BJP over the special status betrayal. TDP’s decision to move out of the NDA has led to a nasty mudslinging between both the parties. Buzz is that BJP is waiting for the right opportunity to take revenge on Chandrababu, though not directly.

Political circles are of the opinion that BJP is not targeting Chandrababu by reviving the cash for vote scandal, but it’s main target is the Nara Scion, Lokesh. Even if BJP rakes up the cash for vote scandal once again, Babu will have Lokesh to spearhead the party in the upcoming elections.

Already, the cash for vote scandal has failed to pose any trouble to Babu and the AP CM will come out of the issue without a sweat. Meanwhile, Lokesh has already got a command in TDP, which will again prove advantageous to Babu. Also, Lokesh will have public sympathy as people are observing how BJP is trying out all means to corner Babu.

In this scenario, BJP’s game plan seems to be “target Lokesh and prove him corrupt” hoping to psychologically weaken Babu, who’s working on making Lokesh AP’s CM someday. It looks like BJP is taking a cue from the Congress, which succeeded in proving that Jagan resorted to corruption using his father’s influence. All said and done, it remains to be seen if BJP will eventually succeed in preventing TDP from winning the next elections.