Bollywood Hero Shocked Seeing Sunil

It has been an age old tradition that anything that starts in Bollywood eventually gets transferred to the southern cinema, especially Tollywood. This is in terms of fashion, fitness, lip kiss scenes, bikini feasts etc. Now, it appears that one of our Telugu men has given a shock wave to a mighty hero of Bollywood.

We are talking about the duo of Salman and Sunil respectively. Salman Khan who has been keeping a sharp eye over Tollywood films with the idea of remakes recently heard about the film ‘Poola Rangadu’. It is heard that he enquired his team to get details and some of them showed Salman the photographs of Sunil then and Sunil now.

From someone who was 100 plus kilos, Sunil has become a chiseled hunk with six pack. It is heard that Salman was amazed at the discipline and hardwork shown by Sunil and he reportedly told his close friends how he feels proud about Sunil since he has experienced the challenges faced.