Boochamma Boochodu Movie Review – 1.5/5


MovieBoochamma Boochodu


Cast: Shivaji , Kainaz Motiwala ,Brahmanandam and Others

Directed by : Rewon Yadu

Produced by : Prasad Reddy, Annare

Banner :Sneha Media

Music by : Sekhar Chandra

Release Date : 2014-09-05

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Movie Review

Struggling actor Shivaji tried his luck with a horror comedy, Boochamma Boochodu directed by Rewon Yadu. This film sadly will not end the miseries of Shivaji despite his honest efforts.

What is it about?

Newly married Couple Karthik (Shivaji) and Shravani (Kainaz) plans their honeymoon at a farm house. They observe weird things happening in that farm house and things go out of their hands within no time. They start fighting with each other and couldn’t get away from that house. What is the secret behind that house and how do this couple get out of it?


Shivaji: Shivaji has already done few horror films in the past and he is at ease in this one. He used his experience to make his presence felt. His performance in the second half is impressive.

Kainaz Motiwala: Kainaz of Ragini MMS is an average actress. She scored well in the horror scenes. Her skin show turns out to be one of the major highlights of the movie.

 Brahmanandam, Tagubothu Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Srinivasa Reddy and few other comedians were given brief roles in the film. None of them scored due to poor writing. Jabardast fame Chandra had a lengthy role, but of no use.


Music: Background score is alright. A couple of songs in the first half don’t add any value to the film. Cinematography could have been better. Editing is clumsy with no connection between many scenes. Production Design is good though.

Director Yadu messed it up big time. He fails to get the comedy right in spite of so many scenes dedicated exclusively for the purpose. Horror scenes hardly make an impact. Poor direction and awful writing makes this a tedious watch.

Thumbs Up:

  • Kainaz’s glamour
  • Interval Sequence

Thumbs Down:

  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Climax


Boochamma Boochodu has a nice premise and an interesting concept to start with. However the director had no clue about what to do with it. Films like these should have arresting screenplay with nail biting scenes. BB hardly engages the viewers with pathetic writing and snail pace. First half of the movie is terrible with literally nothing happening on screen. Director shamelessly banks on the heroine’s oomph to titillate the male audience.

Real story starts only at the interval point. When we expect the film to get interesting during the second hour, director once again takes the escapist route and passes the time until climax. Desperate attempts to make the comedy scenes work have gone awfully wrong leaving the audience search for the nearest exit. If you patiently wait for the climax expecting some thrills and chills, you will be served with one of the worst climatic sequences in recent times.

Except the lead pair everything about this film is bad and it is no wonder that it took so much time to get out of the boxes. Boochamma Boochodu is a film that cannot be watched at a go on DVD too. We need multiple intervals and a much needed fast forward option to watch it.

  Stay Away from this Boochamma Boochodu!