Boochamma… strikes a chord?


Contrary to the harsh reviews and no one gave it damn chances, small budget Boochamma Boochodu has turned out to be a sleeper hit and is expected to garner 2 crores in the first week and gives a breather to sagging career of actor Sivaji. It was made in a shoe-string budget of 80 lakhs and it would recover more than 2.5 times of its investments, thanks to some good comedy by Brahimi and Co and another horror comedy, struck a chord with the audience.

With more than 20 theaters in twin cities and 20-odd theatre in Vizag and 7 theaters in Vijayawada, Guntur, the debutant film of director Reven Yadu,it gradually picking up. “Its highest openings for a Sivaji after a quite a long time and more theaters will be added” says a distributor. Some solace for actor Sivaji, no doubt.