Botsa behind Gabbar Singh Collections Secrecy ?

There needs no explanation about the connection of Botsa with Bandla Ganesh though no one acknowledges it. Now, Film Industry is cuckooing that the Congress MLA is the actual person behind ‘Gabbar Singh’ collections.
Even in its second week, Powerstar’s powerful movie has not lost its vigour and stamina to ring the cash registers. But, producer Ganesh made it clear that he will not reveal data about the collection figures of this movie. Though media is busy doing the guessing game, Ganesh is not confirming any record associated with this movie. Indeed, Botsa is said to be forcing him to not reveal any single number associated with this latest blockbuster of Pawan Kalyan. Revelations about the business made by ‘Gabbar Singh’ might force IT officials to make a surprise visit to Ganesh’s house and this is not advisable at the moment. Though Botsa can handle all these attacks behind the curtains, a leak of the matter to opposition parties will create a crater for Congress in by-polls.
Trade pundits are in-fact confirming this version. ‘Films that made no real business will promote their success with fake reports. But a true hit like GS is not doing the collection-advertising because of some strong reason’, a distributor stated. Some say that talking about records is not Pawan’s cup of tea and he is advising Ganesh not to do such cheap publicity for his movie.