Botsa is on tenterhooks with Current Happenings !

Many people for months wondered what magic APCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana cast on Congress High Command. This is because even when serious allegations of corruption charges in Volkswagen case or Liquor mafia in his Vijayanagaram constituency, no concrete action was taken against him. In fact Botsa managed to stall ACB raids on his liquor syndicate in his constituent, though officials were in full swing across the state. He got its chief transferred from the department itself.
This signified the immense clout he has at the Center and powers that matter. Many thought in the ongoing bitter battle with CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, he will emerged winner hands down. However much to the shock of many, it was other way round. It seems Botsa confidently hooked deadly bouncer bowled by Kiran but was caught at the boundary line. Many feel third umpire (High Command) decision is awaited and any moment it will be in favor of Kiran.
This is a major victory and a coup of sorts for Kiran. If he manages to get Botsa out, he would have successfully weakened the victory march of his enemies successfully. Botsa has been for long eying his CM post and many times he expressed his wish in personal and private meetings. Botsa is currently busy in Delhi trying to meet the High Command and influence the decision. It has to be seen how successful he will be in his efforts.