Botsa Sathyanarayana bombs on BCs

APCC chief Botsa Satyanaraya supporting the Govt decision on fees reimbursements questioned how could students expect fees reimbursements when they couldn’t even clear subjects. He said that it is a pure waste of public money spending on such kind of students. Though the Govt put the decision under abeyance after witnessing wide spread opposition within and outside the party, Botsa Satyanarayana speaking to media hurled these bombs on poor BC students. He questioned why Govt should spend unnecessarily and demanded discussion on the whole issue. He said till now Govt has been reimbursing fees for students though they couldn’t clear even a single subjects for whole four years which is denting Govt treasury. He said all those students are coming from institutions which don’t have basic facilities and even a single lecturer to complete the syllabus. He asked for total change in the system
While some feel his views may be fine, why only he should target BC students alone and what he has been doing for all these years when the scheme was implemented uninterrupted. Many question how come MPs and MLAs increase their salaries without doing any work or development programs for their constituencies. Compared to them fees reimbursement is a small issue. Kiran’s supporters say Botsa who want to sit on CM post any cost is issuing statements to sully the image of CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. It has to be seen how Botsa answers these allegations.