Botsa Supports Telangana Formation ?

With Telangana agitation taking centre stage again, the AP Congress Chief has once again started behaving like the cat on wall. We are talking about Botsa Satyanarayana, and his latest comments about T-state.
‘If Hindi speaking people are having 13 states in India, why shouldn’t Telugu people have two states?’ questioned Botsa, giving his indirect support to the T-sentiment. Earlier too, Botsa made such comments and faced the ire of Andhra people, as he hails from the coastal region. If the PCC chief is so clear about his stand, why is he telling all the time that high-command will take about decision but not the state. Why couldn’t these state rulers give a clear cut statement about the issue directly?. These are the questions that ruling the minds of Congress MLAs from both the regions. More than anyone, politicians are the ones who are not able to show their faces to people regarding this issue.
Like all the time, Botsa changed his words at the end saying that he is just giving various thoughts, but everything is in Sonia’s hands. Cat on the wall!