Botsa’s secrets to be busted?

Botsa Satyanarayana seems to be having immense political clout. As such his family is full of MLAs and MLCs and no wonder that he enjoys such clout. He got himself drowned in knee deep corruption charges and siphoning of public money by floating a fraudulent company Vasishta Vahan, duping the state of Volkswagen project. However even after CBI inquiry during YSR regime, the case was closed. Many wondered how could CBI not find even a single proof against him.
More recently he successfully warded off ACB raids on his liquor mafia in his place Vijayanagaram that too after great difficulty. In the beginning he stalled the raids though raids were going on across the state, however following public protests raids were conducted however he got the ACB chief transferred using his power. But before that it was found that he owns liquor shops and manages the syndicate using benami names. But none in the govt officials and law authorities could act against him, as some hidden hand is saving him from taking any action against him.WIth Botsa revealing his political ambitions to become CM post, action against him would be extremely difficult.
Many wonder who is the hidden hand with immense power that is saving Botsa. Many feel that someone more powerful in Congress High Command at Centre is saving him as he has some business and political and business dealings with him. Many feel unless until Botsa’s secrets are busted out none can believe Congress claim of cleaning corruption.